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Nashville's Next Best Of 3

Nashville's Next Best Of 3 is a songwriting show, were three songwriters perform acoustically their songs to three music professionals at the world famous Commodore Lounge , Nashville.The music pro’s then give their professional critique on the songs.The one song writer / song that is chosen to go through to the next round will perform with a band of pro’s in a rehearsal environment @ SIR, Nashville. There are 9 shows in the first round, 27 Song writers that get whittled down to 3 shows with 9 songwriters in the 2nd round the songwriters perform with a band in a rehearsal environment the judges critique. Out of that 9 songwriters we end up with 3 for the final round were they get to perform their songs to the music pro’s and an audience with full concert production at the world Famous Rocket Town in Nashville.

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